Friday, March 9, 2012

Opening Musings

Hello, every whomever;

At the urging of the lovely BetteRose, I've decided to take a stab at blogging.  It isn't that I think the world has been holding its' collective breath to hear what I have to say - just that sometimes I'd like to spout off about things that I think deserve comment.

You see, while I'm not a particularly well-informed individual, I think I'm more informed (by virtue of being far more involved in some areas than most people) and therefore have the same right to spout off as those crazy people we routinely here from on the radio, the TV and various other mass media.

I can't be any more of a "far out, from another planet, drinking my own bathwater" than most of those famous/infamous people, can I?

So, if this has some strange appeal to you, please hop on and feel free to join in whatever I or Bette stir up. 

One thing - as I try my best when I'm sounding off to remain civil and uninsulting, I would like that others exercise the same restraint.  Good discussion and disagreement/agreement should be the product of at least a modicum of  knowledge  and not just the desire to engage in name calling or other evil display of lack of  knowledge and self-control. For that you can go to your local newspaper's Letters to the Editor comments section.

Thanks, all - let's enjoy this...


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