Monday, March 26, 2012

If you know me, or have read our blog page header, you know that I was a cop - for a long time.
I served in the City and County of Denver, CO.  Not one of the largest cities in the country, but - by most definitions - still a large city (Zogby - the polsters - rate anything over 100,00 as a "large" city), and the Denver Police Department, at around 1,450 sworn personnel, qualifies as a large police department. 

Not LA, Chicago (thank God!), or NYC - but, large.  The average size for US law enforcement agencies is less than 100 officers.

Anyway, my career was somewhat eventful - what with being shot, stabbed, bitten, having my head split open 18 stitches worth, broken bones in a hand and foot and having a knee smashed in an auto accident when a drunk ran a red light and broadsided my partner and I back in 1974 (not a good day for him - he was driving his girlfriend's car).

The good new is - I survived it all with little long-term effect (physically, at least).

So when I choose to offer up an opinion here, it will no doubt be influenced by what I saw and experienced in 36 years of police work - mostly "on the street".  I saw the worst of humans and some of the best.  I saw what has the worst effect on society in terms of violence, accidents and mayhem (alcohol), and the best effect (neighbors joining together to help each other, regardless of race, creed - or anything else).

Now, here we are in 2012, in a country filled with issues that seem unresolvable to many.  I am in no way able to solve any issues, but - in light of life's experiences and a front row seat on the experiences of others - I may have some useful suggestions, being able to look at these things from more than one side.

So, if you wish, join in - maybe we can all learn something and review our own hard ideas in a different light when we see what someone else's experiences have been.  Let's walk a mile in someone else's shoes - get a sense of what it feels like to be viewed as somehow "different" because of ideas, gender, race, religion or whatever it is we humans often like to sieze upon.

I have but one request - try to be civil and respectful.  I know we all would expect that from others, so if it starts with us, maybe it will remanin so...

Here's to good thoughts on important things, some fun, some easy teasing, some comraderie.  Take a few moment from life's troubles for a few minutes now and then.  It works - I've seen it happen with a group of my high school classmates in the last year.


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