Sunday, April 1, 2012

So, here I am on April Fool's Day rummaging around the internet to see what's happening, etc. - and I find an editorial in the Denver Post urging votes against a proposed law that would require all states to recognize gun permits from other states.

This, of course, generated a string of comments ranging from sensible to funny to weirdly fearful of all things gun related.

I've seen this - as has nearly everyone - all to often.  Here's the bottom line, I think.

Whether it be a continuing effort by government to disarm society for some future evil purpose or simply fear on the part of numerous people, who knows? But falling into the trap of saying, "Well, after all, guns KILL people!" is a bit simplistic and...well, I'll stop there.

Yes, guns in the wrong hands ARE used to kill people.  So are guns in the RIGHT (if you will) hands: those of people who wish only to protect themselves from others who would do them physical harm, people whose job it is to protect others, and themselves, from society's predators.

Those who argue that guns are only used for harm are wrong.  Gun ownership in numerous places results in a lower crime rate.  I used to say, crassly, I guess - by some standards - that nothing slows down robberies for a time more than some robber being blown away by the would-be victim or the police. And, having been a cop for eons, I know that for a fact.

I also know that numerous heinous crimes involving assault resulting in death are committed without using a gun at all - more than those WITH a gun. I've seen people seriously injured or killed with knives, ball bats, table legs, pool cues, car jacks, chairs - whatever is handy.  Preplanned deaths are infrequently implemented with a firearm - too easily traced.  Such things as poison, "accidents", etc. are used much more often.

And the last part is so simple it is ridiculous - why don't courts adequately penalize a weapon's user - not just blame the weapon?  Yes, a gun is designed to kill something, more often than not.  It is not necessarily designed to kill for the wrong reasons.  So when it is thusly mis-used, there should be a stiff penalty against the user.  We haven't banned ball bats, table legs, pool cues, car jacks or chairs, have we?

Common sense and proper education on the issue - as in most things - are the best weapons against gun misuse.


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