Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WTF! (What Total Foolishness)

Many who may come to see what this blog is about already know who I am - and maybe even more so, who my lovely wife is (BetteRose - Bett E, like in Bette Davis, the actress).

Anyway, having been a cop in Denver, CO for forever, I've seen/done a lot of things most people haven't.

Another thing you may know about me is that I'm actively involved in efforts to end the War On Drugs - being a speaker for and Executive Board member of LEAP (Law Enforcement against Prohibition - www.leap.cc).

So when I hear about various drug war absurdities like last week's multi-Fed agency raid on Richard Lee's Oakland medical marijuana dispensary and his Oaksterdam University (legally operated under both state and city laws), I get weary, disheartened and angry - WTF!

Forty-one years into a repeat of a prior failed experiment in controlling human behavior through assinine and ridiculous laws (alcohol), our "War On Drugs" has long since become what many have called a "war on people".  And, some people more than others.

Now, decades later, with well over $1 TRILLION spent to literally no avail (unless you actually think making a country with 5% of the world's population having 25% of the world's prison population - over a third of them non-violent drug possessors or users - a sign of success), WTF!

And then, there's this... My wife's aunt has become a diabetic in her later years (70's) and found herself in need of a glucose testing device.  Bette had an extra one around with some probably still useful but beyond "recommended useful life" test strips.  So, the next day her aunt went to everyone's corner drug store to obtain fresher test strips.  First, she was told they weren't made anymore for OTC sales - that they now required a prescription.  But, if she REALLY needed some before she could get the required prescription to submit for purchase, they could somehow sell her a few to tide her over (50 for the lowly sum of $70!!).  and, of course, she had to produce the machine to back up that she needed these $1.40 prescription only test strips.

Excuse me, but WTF?!  Diabetics need a prescription for test strips that cost about 2 cents to make but cost $1.40 to buy? 

What would one do with such a dangerous object besides put a drop of blood on it and test it for glucose levels?  Eat it and overdose?  Sell it to kids for a black market price (as if the price isn't that high already) so they can become addicted to it? 

But then, as evidenced by the Oakland raid last week, Federal agencies don't have enough to do as it is.  So, someday, in a neighborhood near you, they may kick in the door of a diabetic with a no-knock warrant to search for the deadly, threat to society as we know and love it - glucose test strip obatined/possessed without a prescription.

That's where we are folks. WTF!



  1. The SCOTUS decided NOT to hear the case against local and State governments brought by the Feds over MMJ laws. Basically saying the lower courts decision that Local and state laws trumps feds stands....YAY!!
    Your 10th Amendment at work!!

    1. Okay - sounds great to me - but, I failed to see it anywhere. when did that happen, and which lower court made the ruling. Feds don't seem to be paying any attention....