Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back Again?

I'm BAAAACK! Maybe....

After being caught up the last 2/3rds of last year in the Colorado marijuana initiative, some bus driving, trying to sell our South Dakota house and just plain living I stopped writing here.  Then we spent another winter in our Arizona home and learned last March that someone who had looked at the South Dakota home wanted to see it again.  They did, they made an offer, we accepted and the deal was done in late May.

Then, ugh, the move - from a place where we moved too much from Colorado to South Dakota ten years ago, to a home less than half its size we built in 2008 in Arizona which was already mostly furnished (we're just finishing RE-furnishing it with some better furniture now that we're full time).

Taking advantage of a good snow-bird friend's offer to use their garage as storage for a while, we got everything to Arizona that we didn't sell with the house or via a long garage sale. What a tale!  First, we had moved some things from storage in Sioux Falls back to the house, then packed or sold a bunch of stuff, then loaded up both cars and a trailer after already having hauled some things to Bette's sister's house in Colorado - and the trip home to Arizona began.

Most of Bette's side of the family helped in the effort.  We were on our own from Denver to Sahuarita, our Arizona berg South of Tucson. 

We still have some things in our neighbor's garage (they are late in arriving this year due to health problems).  Most of what is there is boxes of books, a few other thingies and a boat load of empty plastic tubs (if anyone needs any for their own storage - we have nearly 40 of them!).

In the meantime, I've lost some weight - now nearly fifty pounds less than a couple of years ago, yea!
All it took was lots of moving and finally getting teeth fixed - losing eight in the process (seven in one visit - fun!).  Some other drilling and being fitted with partials and, guess what - my feelings about visiting dentists haven't changed for the better!  I must say, though, that my new, young AZ dentist is kind, apologetic and as gentle as he can be (except for the last tooth he was trying to save but ultimately had to remove - small piece by small piece).  He even came up with a concoction of local anesthetics that actually worked (the various ...cains have never stopped the pain anywhere in my body!)! So, campaigning, selling, packing, moving, deteething...equals somewhat busy.

I know, I know - excuses, excuses!

Now, we're still garage selling, gifting or whatever old furniture and other stuff (ever try to rid yourself of about 10,000 books - "But I need to read it again, I haven't read that one yet...") while still getting delivery of new furniture - we hope to be mostly done with it all since we're going to Denver early December and don't plan to return to AZ until after Christmas (CO Westy '63ers - let's DO something!).

So, now, with so much stuff in the world to mouth off about, guess I'll mouth off every now and then.

Comments will always be welcome, civility appreciated, and I'll try not to be outright political.  I will spout off about stupid "policing", the drug war and other idiocies and try to see the humor in things.

Until then....


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